Defending democracy
National parliaments are at the heart of democracies.The phrase 'parliament is sovereign' reminds us of this fact. Yet the reality can be tenuous at a time of increasing executive power and rising authoritarianism in many nations. Weakened parliaments are less able to perform their constitutional functions of law-making, oversight and budget allocation in the public interest.

At a time when democratic institutions such as independent parliaments and judiciary are coming under attack and social media trolling on the rise, the practice of politics is changing. Particularly for female politicians. Industrial quantities of fake news and disinformation have degraded political discourse. Dark money, digital manipulation and microtargeting have changed elections and political campaigning beyond recognition.

This presents a very real challenge for the practice of politics and the integrity of elections and democracy itself.

GLOBE legislators are on the frontlines of these changes in the political landscape. Defending democracy and protecting the integrity of independent parliaments are a sine qua non for championing action on climate change and sustainable development. These issues are indivisible.

For this reason, GLOBE is supporting legislators in their efforts to defend democracy through research, networking and capacity build.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more or contribute.