Mexico to host 2nd World Summit of Legislators 6th-8th June 2014

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Partnership signed between Presidents’ of the Mexican Senate, Congress and GLOBE

Mexico to host 2nd World Summit of Legislators 6th-8th June 2014

The 2nd World Summit of Legislators will involve 500 legislators from the world’s parliaments and convenes in Mexico from the 6th -8th June 2014.

A formal signing ceremony was held in the Mexican Senate attended by Senator Ernesto Cordero, the President of the Mexican Senate, Congressman Francisco Arroyo, President of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, the Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben, President of GLOBE International and GLOBE International Secretary General, Adam Matthews.

The 2014 World Summit of Legislators - #WSL2014

The 2nd World Summit of Legislators will convene over three days in the Mexican Congress and meet at a crucial moment in the international processes on the replacement Development Goals, the new Sustainable Development Goals and the key United Nations Climate Change Negotiations. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has already been invited to the Summit and the formal invitations will be sent to all Parliaments during the month of June.

The agenda and outcomes of the Summit will be developed over the coming year with a high level Summit Commission leading consultations in each Region. The Summit Agenda will focus on key themes for parliaments: Legislation, Scrutiny and Budgets and the role of Parliaments in creating conditions for international agreements by governments in 2015.

About World Summit of Legislators

The 1st World Summit of Legislators convened from the 15th – 17th June 2012 in the Tiradentes Palace, the original seat of the Brazilian Congress.

300 Speakers of Parliament, Presidents of Congress and Senates and legislators were in attendance representing 86 countries from every region of the world.

The World Summit of Legislators was officially welcomed by the United Nations and launched a new international process for legislators dedicated to scrutinising and monitoring governments on the delivery of the Rio agenda as well as supporting them to advance relevant legislation.

Since the Summit GLOBE has established the GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative (GCLI) involving 33 countries, the GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative (GNCI) involving 25 countries and the GLOBE Forest Legislation Initiative (GFLI) involving 6 countries. All three initiatives will report to the 2nd Summit and provide examples of national legislation that has been advanced by GLOBE legislators since the 1st Summit.

As part of the process, groups of legislators are being established in regions around the world, expanding the reach of the World Summit process and generating a growing number of parliamentary initiatives.

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