GLOBE Germany


GLOBE Germany was first established in the Bundestag, the German Federal Parliament, in May 2009. GLOBE Germany was most recently re-established after the 2013 General Elections.

Executive Board

The Board of GLOBE Germany is elected every two years. The current Board is chaired by Andreas Jung MdB (CDU/CSU Rapporteur on Climate Change).

andreas jung

Hon. Andreas Jung MdB

CDU/CSU (Christian Democrats)

Rapporteur on Climate Change.
Vice President
frank schwabe

Hon. Frank Schwabe MdB

SPD (Social Democrats)

Party spokesman on Climate Change.
Board Members
josef goeppel

Hon. Josef Göppel MdB

CDU/CSU (Christian Democrats)

Party Spokesman on the Environment.
bulow marco

Hon. Marco Bülow MdB

SPD (Social Democrats)

horst meierhofer

Hon. Horst Meierhofer MdB

FDP (Free Democratic Party)

Vice-Chair of the Environment Committee of the Bundestag.

Hon. Bärbel Höhn MdB

B90/Die Grünen (Green Party)e

Vice-Chair of the Green Parliamentary Group.
eva bulling schroeter

Hon. Eva Bulling-Schröter MdB

Die Linke (Left Party)

Chair of the Environment Committee of the Bundestag.

Work Programme

In addition to its domestic activities, GLOBE Germany is a central actor in the GLOBE community in Europe, as a reflection of the key role of Germany as an EU Member State. GLOBE Germany hosted the annual European region GLOBE Strategy Conference in November 2011, which focused on the crossroads of Europe's low-carbon energy policy after Fukushima, as well as a high-level parliamentary dinner debate at the German Parliamentary Society on the ongoing reform of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy in April 2012.

In 2013 it hosted the 1st GLOBE Natural Capital Summit, with legislators from over 20 countries organised under the GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative.

In 2014, it hosted a workshop in the Bundestag to review progress made in the protection of the Baltic Sea. The workshop “Challenge Baltic Sea: Marine Environmental Protection” was co-chaired by Andreas Jung MdB, GLOBE Germany President, and by Bärbel Höhn MdB, President of the Environment Committee of the Bundestag. The session was attended by GLOBE Germany members and legislators from coastal constituencies from all parties.