GLOBE South Korea

GLOBE Korea (Republic of Korea)) was formed in November 2009 under the Presidency of Honourable In-Ki Lee and consists of more than 54 members from both major political parties in South Korea - the Saenuri Party and the Democratic United Party and 34 Associate Members from industry and academia.  

GLOBE Korea members were instrumental in developing and passing Korea's "Green Growth Law" in 2010 and, more recently, have been heavily involved in the development and passage of Korea's Emissions Trading Law which puts into legislation 2015 as the date by which Korea will have a mandatory national emissions trading system.  

GLOBE UK members Rt Hon Tim Yeo MP, Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee and Vice President Baroness Worthington visited Seoul in November 2011 to relay the experience of the EU in developing, running and overseeing the performance of the EU's emissions trading scheme, helping to allay some concerns over the competitiveness impacts of implementing emissions trading and helping Korea to learn the lessons from Europe's early experience.  The Emissions Trading Law was passed in May 2012.