GLOBE Green Economy Caucus - Indonesia

Launch of the Green Economy Caucus Indonesia

Indonesia has committed itself to implementing a green economy by ratifying international conventions and developing a “pro growth, pro job and pro environment” development plan. To ensure that this process is sustainable, a well-functioning parliament, knowledgeable on the green economy and highly interested in the issue is needed.

GLOBE International works with local affiliated group, the Green Economy Caucus, in the Indonesian People's Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat), a network of legislators engaged in sustainable development issues. The Green Economy Caucus is led by Hon. Satya W. Yudha, Chair of DRC Commission VII - Energy and Mineral Resources, and was launched at a workshop that took place on 21 February 2013 in Bali, supported by GLOBE and the local research NGO Prakarsa.

The Green Economy Caucus has thus far focused on commissioning research to underpin its future work on sustainable development, including on environmental accounting and scrutiny of national climate change institutions.

Following national parliamentary elections in April 2014, the Green Economy Caucus will be re-launched with a new group of members.

Launch of the GOBE Green Economy Caucus - Indonesia

The event was attended by Indonesian legislators including the Hon. Satya W. Yudha, Chair of DRC Commission VII - Energy and Mineral Resources, Environment and technology, the Hon. Andi Timo Pangerang and the Hon. Arif Budimanta, both members of DRC Commission XI, Financial, Development Planning and the Hon. Chusnunia, member of DRC Commission IX, Health, Population and Manpower.

Other participants included representatives from the UK Foreign Office, KEHATI (Indonesia Biodiversity Foundation), Fiscal Policy Body, Indonesian National Development Planning, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment, Friends Of Earth and other local branches of environmental NGOs.

The workshop was opened by Setyo Budiantoro from Prakarsa who presented the result of the study on Green Economy and Low Carbon Growth and then continued with a presentation from the Hon. Chusnunia on the Indonesian Green Party and Its role on implementation of Green Economy legislative measures in Indonesia.

The Hon. Yudha presented on the current conditions of environmental and energy legislation In Indonesia. The Hon. Budimanta and the Hon. Pangerang took part in a panel discussion on green economy prospects and the Indonesian national budget.

Barry Gardiner MP delivered a keynote speech on green economy, subsidies and the implementation of green economy measures in the United Kingdom and the role of legislators.

At the conclusion of the workshop, legislators launched the Green Economy Caucus Indonesia. The initiative will bring together a group of Indonesian legislators interested in agreeing common legislative responses to issues of Indonesia's sustainable development.

The Hon. Yudha, President of the Green Economy Caucus signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Barry Gardiner MP to affiliate the newly created group to the GLOBE International network.