GLOBE United States of America


2014 will see the re-launch of GLOBE activities in the US Congress which will lead to the reformation of a GLOBE group comprising members of Congress and the Senate.

History of GLOBE in the United States of America

Markey-Washington-2007Senators Gore, Kerry and Heinz along with colleagues from the European Parliament, the Japanese Diet and the Russian Duma founded GLOBE International in 1989. The International Secretariat was originally based in Washington DC where GLOBE has been based until 2005. Members of Congress and Senators have since then participated in a number of major GLOBE legislators fora for G8 and major emerging economy legislators including the GLOBE Washington Legislators Forum on Climate Change and Energy Security. This was convened in 2007 in Senate Caucus Room and saw the participation of senators Kerry, McCain, Lieberman, Snowe and Biden. The Final Declaration signed by participating legislators generated headlines around the world as one of the first political agreements on the core principles for a Post-2012 Climate Change Agreement.

Members of the US Congress have been active in all GLOBE policy dialogues and during the GLOBE Tokyo Legislators Forum of 2009 both Presidential candidates, senators Obama and McCain, delivered addresses. In 2009, then Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Global Warming, Representative Edward Markey, hosted the launch and first meeting of GLOBE's International Commission on Climate & Energy Security.

In February 2014, Senator Edward Markey will host the 2nd GLOBE Climate Legislation Summit in the Kennedy Caucus Room of the Senate. The event will serve to launch the 4th edition of the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study and will convene legislators from over 40 countries.