GLOBE Argentina


The Argentine Chapter of GLOBE International was first formed in April 2013, with the support of a local civil society organization, the non-profit Directorio Legislativo Foundation (Fundación Directorio Legislativo - FDL).

Subsequently it was re-launched in September 2016 with the mission to tackle the environmental issues that need to be regulated by norms through the committed effort of legislators from both branches and different parties. The Argentinean chapter will focus on doing a critical analysis of current environmental laws and other regulatory needs, taking into account the local and regional particularities in the global context. The re-launch of the chapter was possible thanks to the work of Directorio Legislativo Foundation, which facilitated the process.

GLOBE Argentina is keen to play an active role as a member of the network and build a close relationship with multilateral organizations and other GLOBE chapters in order to share information to improve and develop national policies regarding climate change and energy and its impact on land use and ecosystems.

Its aims will be connecting legislators with decision-making processes on environmental issues in the country; analyzing current environmental law under local and regional frameworks related to the commitments assumed nationally; enhance the knowledge and active participation of legislators in environmental issues; and facilitate the integration of knowledge with experts and civil society.

GLOBE Argentina is chaired by Deputy Juan Carlos Villalonga (PRO). Its Vicepresident is Senator Lucila Crexell (Movimiento Popular Neuquino) and its Secretary Deputy Néstor Tomassi (Partido Justicialista).

The Chapter members include:

Deputy Luis Bardeggia (Frente para la Victoria)

Deputy Eduardo Cáceres (PRO)

Deputy Alejandro Echegaray (Unión Cívica Radical)

Senator Silvina García Larraburu (Frente para la Victoria)

Deputy Martín Hernández (Unión Cívica Radical)

Deputy María Paula Lopardo (PRO)

Deputy Héctor Olivares (Unión Cívica Radical)

Senator Juan Mario Pais (Frente para la Victoria)

Deputy Adrián San Martín (Movimiento Popular Neuquino)

Deputy Fernando Sánchez (Coalición Cívica)

Deputy Gabriela Troiano (Partido Socialista)

Senator Pamela Verasay (UCR)

GLOBE Argentina was originally formed in 2013 and its first President was former Deputy Andrea García (Frente para la Victoria). Senator Silvina García Larraburu, vocal of the re-launched chapter, was a member of the first local chapter.