The President of the National Assembly, Hon. Aubin Minaku, invited GLOBE to Kinshasa to support the formation of a GLOBE DRC National Chapter in response to the 1st World Summit of Legislators held in Brazil in 2012.

Justin-Mirindi-with-GLOBE-DRC-President-Hon.-Jean-Pierre-Tshimanga-BuanaThe GLOBE DRC Chapter comprising 22 legislators was formally launched in September 2012. GLOBE DRC is led by the Honorable Tshimanga Buana, Vice Rapporteur of the DRC National Assmebly and coordinated by Mr Justin Mirindi, Director of GLOBE DRC. GLOBE DRC actively participates in the GLOBE Forest Legislation Initaitive.

The official launch of GLOBE DRC took place on 18th and 19th September 2012 at the National Assembly in Kinshasa in the presence of Barry Gardiner MP from the United Kingdom and then Chairman of the GLOBE International Board and Congresswoman Rebecca Garcia, author of the REDD+ Law Project for the Brazilian Congress in 2010. The event was organised in partnership with the DRC National REDD Coordination and amounted to a full-day of legislative capacity-building workshops on REDD+. It was attended by 150 participants, of which over 70 were national legislators. Since then, the GLOBE DRC chapter has organized regular meetings nationally and has also participated in international meetings, including UNFCCC COP 19 in Warsaw in November 2013 and the 2nd GLOBE International Forest Forum.

In parallel with the launch of GLOBE DRC, a Legislative Working Group on REDD+ and Forest Governance was launched within the DRC National Assembly. It provides a platform for Congolese Parliamentarians, government officials, international organizations and civil society to discuss a legislative reform agenda for REDD+ implementation.

For more information about GLOBE DRC's work on forest legislation, please see the GLOBE Forest Legislation Initiative section here.