The World Summit of Legislators (WSL)


The 1st World Summit of Legislators convened from the 15th – 17th June 2012 in the Tiradentes Palace, the original seat of the Brazilian Congress. Over 300 Speakers of Parliaments, Presidents of Congresses and Senates and senior legislators were in attendance representing 86 countries from every region of the world.

The World Summit of Legislators was officially welcomed by the United Nations and launched a new international process for legislators dedicated to scrutinising and monitoring governments on the delivery of the Rio agenda as well as supporting them to advance relevant legislation. The second World Summit of Legislators will be convened on 6-8 June 2014 in Mexico City.

  • Legislators' Protocol

    The Legislators Protocol was negotiated by all delegations and was based on the three core Summit objectives. The legislators were invited to make a commitment to seek support for, or formal ratification of, the Protocol as appropriate to the procedures of their respective national legislature. Legislators were asked to reconvene every two years to monitor the progress in implementing the Rio+20 outcomes as well as to share best legislative practice.Please click here to download the Legislatos' Protocol approved by the 1st World Summit of Legislators.
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  • Summit Objectives

    The ongoing process initiated by the Summit had three core objectives:
    • Strengthening Scrutiny;Supporting National
    • Legislation;Incorporating Natural Capital
    • Accounting into national economic models.

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  • Participating Countries

    300 legislators including 38 Speakers of Parliaments and Presidents of Congress, participated in the 1st World Summit of Legislators. The following countries participated in the Summit:

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  • Summit Agenda

    The Summit was formally opened by the Mayor of the host City of Rio de Janeiro, Mayor Eduardo Paes. Legislators met over three days in the Tiradentes Palace and agreed a groundbreaking Legislators Protocol.

    The Summit agenda can be downloaded by clicking here.

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